Gandhi ghat

One of my favorite places is Gandhi ghat located by the Ganga riverside in Barrcakpore. This place fascinates me with its peaceful ambiance. Not so far from the city, this tree-covered riverside area will give you another feeling.

If you planning to get away for a moment from your daily life, this place is best. Magic of this place is, the moment you cross its entry get, all noise from the roadside will be gone completely.

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We needed some Ganga river water for our Puja and Prayer purpose at home. So, today morning my mother asked me to bring some water from the river. Normally, for Gangajal(river water), we used to go to Rashmoni Ghat. But today I thought it would be a little different. So, I took my bicycle and started paddling. After 15 minutes I reached the Latbagan area.

bloggerabi travel blog

“At college days, I use to come here for jogging every morning. Oh! and my second primary schooling was also in this area.” – So many sweet old memories were popping up in mind.

History of Gandhi ghat

I read on the internet that Gandhi ghat was inaugurated by India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1949. The architecture was built by first independent India’s Bengali engineer our first. Do not know whether it is right or else.